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    8 Extra Ulahoop Links

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    Hey there! Need the perfect solution for that extra bit of wiggle room?

    This is simply just a page to order extra Ulahoop links in case our regular size does not fit you. Feel free to order with your initial purchase or come afterwards in case you realize you need extra links!

    Our regular Ulahoop goes up to 48 inches in circumference, however with the extra 8 links, it goes up to 63 inches/161cm in circumference. We do not recommend ordering more than 8 extra links as the Ulahoop was not engineered for this, however it is possible.

    Due to this being a custom purchase, it may take a bit longer to receive, and it may come separately from your original Ulahoop order as we currenty make these custom for our VIP guests.

    8 Extra Ulahoop Links
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